Why paper? Which paper?

jewish paper cut paper paper choices paper colors papercut art

hebrica-jewish-papercut-art-papersSome thoughts on, and examples of, fine papers used by Hebrica Jewish Papercut Art.








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If I spoke Chinese, I'd learn Hebrew.

hebrew language resources is hebrew difficult to learn learn hebrew

hebrew language resourcesIf I spoke another language that was entirely different than Hebrew or English, with a different alphabet, grammar and syntax, and I had to choose to learn one of those two, Hebrew would be easier. Sure, sure, you say. But from scratch, learning Hebrew would be easier than learning English. In over 10 years of studying and teaching biblical Hebrew, I have been amazed at what an orderly language it is. English is, on the other hand, having been cobbled together from many languages, is a bit of a mess. Hebrew is rather straightforward: there are rules for everything, and it almost aways follows the rules. Read more...

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The mountains may move. Love story in a ketubah.

jewish papercut jewish wedding ketubahs ketubot papercut ketubah papercutting

hebrica papercut ketubahA young couple wanted a modern ketubah, one that reflected both their love of Torah and their life together in Colorado. The resulting design incorporated the Rocky Mountains, evergreens and aspen leaves. Read more...








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Bar mitzvah...again?

hebrew name yitzchak jewish art jewish papercut art judaica kim phillips papercutting second bar mitzvah

hebrew name yitzchak jewis papercut artParents, if you've recently had a son become bar mitzvah, don't panic; his second one won't come around for 70 years. At age 83, a man may come to the Torah again as a "new" bar mitzvah. How did this lovely custom come to be? Read more...


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Studying Psalms Creatively

how to study psalms jewish art jewish artist jewish day school curriculum jewish papercut art papercutting psalms in jewish liturgy religious school art curriculum

jewish papercutting workshopThere may be no more beautiful, evocative, and visual text in the Hebrew bible than Psalms.Students at West End Synagogue study Psalms through the Jewish papercutting art tradition. Workshop leader: Kim Phillips, Jewish Paper Cut Artist. Read more...


Video included.



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