Shabbaton, and on, and on...

jewish papercut art shabbat what is a shabbaton

What would it be like if everybody in the world, Jewish or not, observed Shabbat for one day? How about a week, or four weeks, or two months? Three?We’d all be pretty tired of Shabbat. After all, Shabbat is a one-day break from routine, to rest, to be with family, to study, and to desist from your regular work. One day a week. Just one. This coronavirus pandemic has created the Shabbaton—the extended Shabbat—of the century, all over the world. It has, in some way, touched everyone, even if it is only the worry that there may not be enough...

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Not Done Yet

pirke avot hebricaHow could anything in God's creation not be utterly perfect? That's easy: we only have to look at ourselves to know that we are works in progress.

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Why justice?

jewish paper cut art justice in torah justice justice shall you pursue paper cut art tzedek tzedek tirdof

Tzedek tzedek tirdof "Justice, justice shall you pursue." Most teachings and midrashim focus on why the word for justice ~ tzedek ~ is written twice. But what about the rest of the verse?

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Can Jews celebrate Valentines Day?

can jews celebrate valentines hebrica jewish paper cut art jewish valentines day judaica paper cut art papercut art valentines day

This question comes up every year. Every Reform rabbi I have ever heard speak about it says, "Sure. Why not?" 

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Shalshelet: The Mark of Ambivalence

gift for rabbi jewish gift jewish papercut shalshelet torah cantillation torah trope

shalshelet-torah-tropeThe papercut here of shalshelet, the rarest trope in Torah, was created for a new convert to Judaism, as a gift for his rabbi. Welcome to the beautiful struggle.

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