Jewish Paper Cut Art Workshops for Adults and Religious School Classes

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Connecting to Jewish sacred texts and rituals has always been a part of the Jewish folk art of papercutting. Torah, talmud, midrash, lifecycle events... all these can be beautified and understood more deeply through art. A workshop for your synagogue's sisterhood or adult ed program, retreat, or Shabbaton, or an enriching religious school curriculum, can be customized to the season or to the goals of an existing program. Click here to contact us. We also offer longer artist-in-residence programs.

Both in-person and Zoom workshops are offered.

The women's creative group at Suburban Synagogue in Beachwood, Ohio made "Shalom" hamsas in a Zoom workshop.


Participants in "I Am My Beloved's" explored The Song of Songs in papercut art. 

In a three-day artist-in-residence program at Touro Synagogue in New Orleans, adults participated in an exploration of Shalom - Peace - with papercut art, and the 9th-10th grade class illustrated texts on the theme of tikkun olam. Here are some quick scenes from each...

For Congregation Ohabai Shalom in Nashville, we did a 3-session workshop for 7th graders in the temple's religious school. The year's theme for their class was "Blessings," so we designed a workshop for the students to create a piece of papercut art to illustrate a favorite Jewish blessing. 

For the Sisterhood at West End Syagogue in Nashville, we made mizrachim on the theme, My Heart is in the East. 


Jewish papercut art workshops are a wonderful activity for adult ed programs in your synagogue or at retreats:


Contact us about a workshop or artist-in-residence weekend, here.

Ideas for workshops include:

  • Make a Mizrach
  • Frame a Blessing
  • Illustrate a Parsha
  • Make a Jewish Holiday Card
  • Hebrew Letter Papercuts
  • Create a Haggadah Cover
  • A Paper Mezzuzah
  • Birkhat Habayit - House Blessing
  • Illustrate a Psalm
  • Hebrew Name Papercut

Pricing is dependent upon the design of the workshop, number of participants, materials, and, if any, travel.

Participants in Hebrica Jewish papercutting workshops receive a free e-book after the class. Or you may purchase the e-book here.


    Other forms of Jewish art can be created in a workshop setting. For example, an adult b'nei mitzvah class designed and produced this "bein gavrah," the cloth laid over the sefer Torah between aliyot.


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    Kim Phillips, Hebrica Judaic Art

    Kim Phillips is a Jewish artist and teacher based in Nashville, Tennessee.

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