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Lech L'cha. Go.

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Lech L'cha. Go.

God said to Abraham, "Lech l'cha." Roughly translated as "Go," closely translated it means "take yourself." Pick up your stuff and move. In 2019, I did that. Life had been sort of upside-down for a while (thus the infrequent blog posts). And then, the opportunity for a new life, and a new love, presented itself. For the first time in my life, I moved out of my home state, my comfort zone, my people. And, sadly, my Jewish community. I moved to St. Louis. The good news is, St. Louis has a huge and diverse Jewish community. More good news: the...

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Creative Kavod: Honoring Service with Art

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kol yisrael aravim zeh b'zeh detailWhen Temple Beth Am in Los Angeles wanted to honor its executive director, Sheryl Goldman, for 20 years of service, they knew they wanted somethiing unique,, with a strong connection to the synagogue, that reflected the commitment and service of the exec. Read more...

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Studying Psalms Creatively

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jewish papercutting workshopThere may be no more beautiful, evocative, and visual text in the Hebrew bible than Psalms.Students at West End Synagogue study Psalms through the Jewish papercutting art tradition. Workshop leader: Kim Phillips, Jewish Paper Cut Artist. Read more...


Video included.



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Creative Judaism

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artist colony jerusalemPresentation to Congregation of Touro Synagogue, New Orleans
Artist in Residence Weekend, December 2014

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Keshet - The Whole Tribe

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keshet lgbt awards jewish artist kim phillipsHebrica was honored to be able to create the awards for the inaugural Glimmer Bay Area Gala for Keshet, the organization working for the full equality and inclusion of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Jews in Jewish life.

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