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What makes Jewish papercutting Jewish?

jewish art jewish artist jewish papercut art judaica kim phillips papercutting

the art of jewish papercutting hebrica jewish papercut artThe art of Jewish papercutting has been a popular folk art for many centuries, expressing Jewish hopes, values, and religious longings. Here's a brief look at Jewish papercut art and papercutting around the world.

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A shelter of peace.

hashkiveinu hebrica jewish art jewish artist jewish papercut art judaica kim phillips

sukkat shalom hebrica jewish papercuttingPeace: a central theme in Jewish life, precious and elusive. We say "Shalom!" in greeting and, in Israel at least, "Shalom shalom!" ~ double peace ~ in parting. I created this piece, Sukkat Shalom, at a scary time for Jews in Israel. At this moment, rockets are raining down on them, forcing them to run for shelters. Read more...


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The creativity of Israel.

hebrew micrography hebrica jewish artist jewish papercut art judaica kim phillips micrography second commandment

artist colony jerusalem jewish papercut artOn a hot, hot summer day in Jerusalem, I stopped into a Judaica shop on King George Street to get out of the sun. I didn't know that brief respite would lead to a career. Read more...

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Why roses on Shavuot? It's a Hebrew thing.

jewish artist shavuot why roses on shavuot

Why roses on Shavuot? It's a Hebrew thing. From the Hebrica "Snippets" blog.You may have seen the custom of adorning a Torah scroll with roses on Shavuot, one of the most gorgeous rituals to honor the receiving of Torah by the Israelites. Today, confirmation of Jewish teens usually falls in the season of Shavuot, appropriately for their voluntary acceptance of the Torah, and the confirmation ceremony sometimes includes "presenting" a rose to the scroll. How did the custom of decorating with roses at Shavuot arise? Read more...






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To teach, to learn, to grow: Pirke Avot.

gift for a cantor gift for a rabbi gift for a teacher jewish artist jewish papercut art pirke avot

I have lost track of how many times I've done a papercut of the line from Pirke Avot 1:6, "Get yourself a teacher, make yourself a friend." This makes me happy, not only because I enjoy doing them but because of what it says about Judaism. Knowledge is portable, and its transmission has preserved the Jewish people against long odds. In a religion that elevates study to a holy pursuit, our teachers mean everything to us; they are our rock stars.  This particular line from the Talmud has a third part, as so many mishnayot often do: "...and judge every...

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