Creative Kavod: Honoring Service with Art

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temple beth am los angelesWhen Temple Beth Am in Los Angeles wanted to honor its executive director, Sheryl Goldman, for 20 years of service, they knew they wanted somethiing unique, with a strong connection to the synagogue, that reflected the commitment and service of the exec. Ideas? Hmmm...

The bimah at Beth Am is a mosaic of colorful glass pieces that represent the beauty and diversity of the congregation; it seemed a natural place to start. And what sentiment would convey a career of service to the congregation by Sheryl? "Kol Yisrael aravim zeh b'zeh," All Israel is responsible to one another...perfect ! 

As a Jewish artist, I love the challenge of merging texts from our tradition with strong visuals to create meaningful art. Jewish papercutting may be a very old artform, but it is now used in inventive ways. Still, the purpose of my art is to pay honor to Jewish learning, Jewish values, and Torah. It was a joy to be able to add to the kavod being paid to Sheryl.

If you'd like a special papercut created for your next simcha, contact me.


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