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Shabbaton, and on, and on...

jewish papercut art shabbat what is a shabbaton

What would it be like if everybody in the world, Jewish or not, observed Shabbat for one day? How about a week, or four weeks, or two months? Three?We’d all be pretty tired of Shabbat. After all, Shabbat is a one-day break from routine, to rest, to be with family, to study, and to desist from your regular work. One day a week. Just one. This coronavirus pandemic has created the Shabbaton—the extended Shabbat—of the century, all over the world. It has, in some way, touched everyone, even if it is only the worry that there may not be enough...

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Ahava - Love - is in the Air!

jewish papercut art jewish wedding gift papercut art papercut ketubah what does ahava mean in hebrew

what does ahava mean in hebrewHow many times have you wracked your brain for a wedding gift that would be unique and would convey your love and best wishes for the couple?

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Lashon Kodesh - Hebrew Language Resources

hebrew hebrew language hebrew rubber stamps hebrica jewish papercut art learn hebrew learn the aleph bet learn to chant torah prayerbook hebrew

learn to read hebrewHebrew is the key that unlocks so many doors in Judaism: Torah, talmud, prayer, and art! Here are some resources we've found for studying Hebrew; almost all are free. Read more...

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Bar mitzvah...again?

hebrew name yitzchak jewish art jewish papercut art judaica kim phillips papercutting second bar mitzvah

hebrew name yitzchak jewis papercut artParents, if you've recently had a son become bar mitzvah, don't panic; his second one won't come around for 70 years. At age 83, a man may come to the Torah again as a "new" bar mitzvah. How did this lovely custom come to be? Read more...


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Studying Psalms Creatively

how to study psalms jewish art jewish artist jewish day school curriculum jewish papercut art papercutting psalms in jewish liturgy religious school art curriculum

jewish papercutting workshopThere may be no more beautiful, evocative, and visual text in the Hebrew bible than Psalms.Students at West End Synagogue study Psalms through the Jewish papercutting art tradition. Workshop leader: Kim Phillips, Jewish Paper Cut Artist. Read more...


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