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Updated March 18, 2015  ~  Hebrew is the key that unlocks so many doors in Judaism: Torah, talmud, prayer, and art! Below are some resources we've found for studying Hebrew, and we'd love if you'd share yours, too. What's your favorite tool for studying Hebrew? Pop it into the comments below so we can add it to the list. It might be a textbook, audio course, website... anything that helps us learn. 


Online Hebrew Resources - PDF format; you'll need Adobe Reader to open.

Hebrew Pronunciation - Why the differences?

Free Online Ulpan

Jewish Heritage Online Magazine - Hebrew Lessons

Jewish-English Lexicon - More than just a dictionary.

Hebrew Textbooks

Aleph Isn't Tough and
Aleph Isn't Enough and
Bet is for Beresheit
Teach Yourself to Read Hebrew and
Prayerbook Hebrew the Easy Way
A Grammar for Biblical Hebrew
Biblical Hebrew: An Introductory Grammar
How to Choose a Hebrew Textbook


Mechon Mamre - Hebrew and English - Hebrew and English, with chanting
Chabad - Complete Hebrew Bible with Rashi

Cantillation (chanting)

The Art of Torah Cantillation
Trope Trainer
Prayer-eoke/YouTube Rabbi


Hebrew Talk: 101 Hebrew Roots
The Book of Letters: A Mystical Hebrew Alphabet
Hebrew Worksheets
Hebrew Grammar Charts
Hebrew Dictionary
Tactile Hebrew Learning for Kids 
More from the Bible Belt Balabusta


ArtScroll Siddur: A traditional prayerbook with interlinear translation. The prayers themselves may vary slightly from Reform services, but this is a wonderful tool for learning Hebrew.
50 Common Prayer Words: If you're just getting started with learning the Hebrew of the siddur, these vocabulary words are incredibly helpful.

Mobile Apps

Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary - Hebrew word lists, click for translation; perfect for practice.
Tanakh Bible - Love this app; choose Hebrew or English or both, turn on commentary or not, make comments. Best $9.99 you will ever spend.


Just for Fun

Hebrew Rubber Stamps

Note: These resources are for learning classical ~ biblical and prayerbook ~ Hebrew. There are many other resources for learning modern Hebrew. We have found that classes are the best! But if none is available, the Pimsleur series is good, and it's often available at your local library.

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