Can Jews celebrate Valentines Day?

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This question comes up every year. Every Reform rabbi I have ever heard speak about it says, "Sure. Why not?" 

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Shalshelet: The Mark of Ambivalence

gift for rabbi jewish gift jewish papercut shalshelet torah cantillation torah trope

shalshelet-torah-tropeThe papercut here of shalshelet, the rarest trope in Torah, was created for a new convert to Judaism, as a gift for his rabbi. Welcome to the beautiful struggle.

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Is God perfect?

btzelim elohimMany of us grew up in the belief that God is all-seeing, all-knowing, all-powerful. How can such a being not be perfect, if it is capable of anything? Who wouldn't choose perfection? As it turns out, God didn't.

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Ahava - Love - is in the Air!

jewish papercut art jewish wedding gift papercut art papercut ketubah what does ahava mean in hebrew

what does ahava mean in hebrewHow many times have you wracked your brain for a wedding gift that would be unique and would convey your love and best wishes for the couple?

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Creative Kavod: Honoring Service with Art

jewish artist jewish papercut papercutting talmud

kol yisrael aravim zeh b'zeh detailWhen Temple Beth Am in Los Angeles wanted to honor its executive director, Sheryl Goldman, for 20 years of service, they knew they wanted somethiing unique,, with a strong connection to the synagogue, that reflected the commitment and service of the exec. Read more...

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