Why paper? Which paper?

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Jewish papercut art, like most folk art, has traditionally used whatever material is at hand. Paper is relatively inexpensive, and the tools are few. With just a knife or scissors, you can turn paper into beautiful ritual and gift items.

At Hebrica Jewish Papercut Art, we use the highest grades of acid-free art papers and hand-made papers. The color choices, while beautiful, are in a limited range within each brand of paper. Primarily, there are solid colors of art papers, and various shades of hand-made and richly marbled papers. Lastly, the marbled papers can have huge variations in the colors and the marbling itself.

Below are some images of papers we use. Bear in mind that cameras and lighting differ, and there can be a wide variation in how colors appear from screen to screen. Also, what is one person's "teal" can be another person's green. 

One last thought on papers: an artist has a vision in mind for a finished piece. Allowing the artist to choose the paper can result in a better outcome. Ultimately, final paper choices are according to the artist's discretion, as well as to availability.

(backgrounds only)

(backgrounds only)

handmade papers for jewish papercut art


canson fine art papers for jewish papercut art

*Subject to availability. Some colors are special orders and take extra time.

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