A lot of trouble. And you're worth it.

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jewish-thank-you-card-hebrica.jpgIn the movie The American President, Sydney Ellen Wade receives a Virginia ham after her first date with President Andrew Shepherd. The assistant who gives it to her says, "It took him 10 minutes to write the card." Ten minutes? Surely he didn't write it himself, he staffed it out, thinks Sydney. Nope. Wrote it himself. And it took ten minutes.

In the Mishnah (Berakhot 58a), it says, "What does a good guest say? How much trouble has my host gone to just for me!" If you are a guest, don't think, well, they had a caterer, or it was a huge party and they barely knew I was there. And, if you're the host and a guest says, "You've gone to way too much trouble," don't say, "It was no trouble at all." Tell them it was lots of trouble and they are worth it. 

Electronic cards have their place, and a "click" is better than not expressing thanks at all. But how much nicer is it to receive a thank-you card that is beautiful, with a personal message of gratitude written by hand? If you like receiving them, they'll like getting them.

Send your gratitude with a thank-you card that shows you feel blessed by the effort.

P.S. Who knew a movie ham would lead to a Talmud reference? 

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