Recognizing a Mitzvah

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The word mitzvah is often taken to mean "good deed," when actually it means "commandment." But a little glitch in translation isn't so bad.

When you hear, "He volunteered at the homeless shelter; it was a mitzvah," it was actually was. As Jews, we're commanded to help others. The idea of service is so engrained in our culture, that even people who are receiving assistance are required by the tradition to give assistance! 

Jewish communal life brings out the best in us, from helping out around the synagogue to teaching religious school, from an annual contribution to the Jewish Federation to funding an endowment for a Jewish institution; there's always something we can do. There's a list of 613 commandments in the Torah, compiled by Maimonides, the Rambam.

Expressing gratitude for a mitzvah done is part of the process. Hebrica can create an original, one-of-a-kind expression of thanks to donors, volunteers, teachers and more. Here are a few examples...

hebrica jewish papercut art awards 1 hebrica jewish papercut art awards 2 hebrica jewish papercut art awards 3 

hebrica jewish papercut art awards 4 hebrica jewish papercut art awards 5 hebrica jewish papercut art awards 6

Do you have an occasion to honor someone for their Jewish communal service? Contact us about creating something special.

Kim Phillips

Hebrica Judaica Artist


Hebrica Judaic Art  


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