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Ketubah - Jewish Paper Cut Art

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Exquisite paper-cut borders for ketubot, designed for the couple's interests and symbolizing their lives together. Creative ketubahs in Jewish paper cut art, bringing the tradition forward. 

To contact us about your ketubah, click here. Please read the shop policies. After we speak, we can set a price for the ketubah, based on size and complexity.

Please note that Hebrica provides the papercut border only and will send it off to the scribe of your choice. If you need recommendations for scribes, let us know.

Ketubot are precious documents and take more time and care than some types of art. Please allow 3 months before the wedding for the creation of your ketubah. 

About the Example

The first ketubah shown here was created especially for a couple that met in Colorado; they live there and are very much into hiking and nature. They wanted a ketubah that reflected their interests. We created a border of aspen leaves, mountains and evergreen trees, topped by the phrase Ani L'Dodi v'Dodi Li, I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine.

Artwork will be shipped unframed. We are happy to recommend a trusted online vendor, Art to Frames, to supply well-made frames and mats directly to you at a very good price. We will ship the ketubah directly to you.

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