Hebrica Judaic Art

B'tzelem Elohim - In the Image No. 1

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Original design hand-cut from fine and premium hand-made papers. 16 x 20 unframed. Based on the midrash: the Hebrew letters yud-hey-vav-hey that form the unpronounceable name of G-d, when stacked, make the human form. This teaches that all people are created "btzelem elohim," in the image of G-d. Free domestic shipping.

NOTE: This design incorporates hand-made papers, which vary in color, texture, and availability. We will be happy to show you samples of available papers before you order. Contact us here.

Hebrica and Miscellanica are now shipping all artwork unframed, representing a cost savings to you. However, we are happy to recommend a trusted online vendor, Art to Frames, to supply well-made frames and mats directly to you at a very good price.

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