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B'tzelem Elohim - In the Image No. 2

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Original design hand-cut from fine and premium hand-made papers. 16 x 20 unframed. Based on the midrash: the Hebrew letters yud-hey-vav-hey that form the unpronounceable name of G-d, when stacked, make the human form. This teaches that all people are created "btzelem elohim," in the image of G-d. Free domestic shipping.

NOTE: This design incorporates hand-made papers, which can vary in color, texture, and availability. Please indicate a background color of blue, green, red, or orange in the comments on your order.

Hebrica and Miscellanica are now shipping all artwork unframed and unmatted, representing a cost savings to you. However, we are happy to recommend a trusted online vendor, Art to Frames, to supply well-made frames and mats directly to you at a very good price.

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